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About us

School budgets are stretched to breaking, with more budget cuts on the horizon. Ofsted is increasingly focused on school procurement, particularly how Pupil Premium is spent. Schools are under pressure to purchase products and services that deliver educational impact AND substantial savings… yet there’s so little advice on how to actually do it.

That’s why we’re proud to launch Our revolutionary new procurement process is an easy, free and anonymous way for schools to source the best products and services for their budgets – while following extensive advice on procurement policy and proving you've got best value for money.

EASY – it only takes three simple steps to get customised quotes! Tell us what you need, choose when you need it, and upload anything you feel might be useful; and we’ll make sure that your project is seen by the right suppliers. With options to add as much or as little information as you like, choose criteria to later compare quotes by and ask questions that suppliers will have to answer alongside any proposals, you’ll be able to get exactly the right fit for your school’s budget and specific needs.

FREE – our procurement process is free for schools to use! And it’s at no cost to quality; we’ll only link you to experienced suppliers with a proven track record of working with schools. We also encourage companies to upload case studies of their past work so you can make a fully informed decision.

ANONYMOUS – your identity (and that of your school) is kept private so you’re not bothered by any high-pressure situations or frustrating sales calls. You’ll also be able to message suppliers throughout the process to ask or answer questions about the project and their quotes, without them knowing who you or your school are!

Once the suppliers submit their proposals, you’ll be able to compare, shortlist and make notes that will be stored online for your records, as the easy-to-follow steps let you evaluate your choices and award the contract.

Using your free account you can see all current and past procurement projects you’ve created, and view your chosen supplier against your shortlisted quotes along with all your notes – allowing you to provide a full audit trail and prove your decision-making process.

Getting the best products and services for your school’s budget has never been so easy!