How does it work?

  • Save money for your school: this is a free service to help schools save money while finding great new products and services
  • Save time and effort: Quickly and easily enter your requirements and get a range of customised quotes to compare in one place, rather than tracking down separate suppliers
  • Locate experienced suppliers: We'll only connect you with suppliers who have provable experience in supplying to schools - and have case studies of their past work for you to view online
  • Easily keep detailed records: No folders of notes or expensive record-keeping software - keep all your notes together on your free account to provide detailed evidence that you've got best value for money for your school.
  • Peace of mind: Using you can easily avoid a host of legal worries; making sure that you've provided all the same details to each supplier, that you've dealt with messaging in a fair way, and providing the facility for you to keep detailed notes on your decision-making process all the way through - which will be stored securely in case you ever need them.

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Good question! Our mission is to help schools easily source the best products and services while saving money for their budgets, so we keep the site entirely free for schools to use. We also want you to get as many different competitive quotes as possible from education-focused companies of all sizes, so we don't don't charge suppliers for having accounts or submitting proposals.

In order to keep the site running we take a small commission fee from the winning supplier of your procurement project, once the sale has taken place. This means suppliers have no barriers to providing competitive quotes; they only pay if they win!

On, our experienced suppliers are being compared like for like with other education-focused companies. We provide the same format for each supplier's profile page and case studies, and arrange quotes against each other so you can easily rate them. Suppliers know this; therefore they have to be competitive and provide their best deals in order to secure the work! If they were approached singly, they would have no such incentive to give their best prices...

  • Save money: Our suppliers are aware they're in direct competition with other education-focused companies, and so should offer better deals than if you approach them directly.
  • Save time: Why call company after company, leaving messages and getting different answers to keep track of, when you could enter your requirements just once on and get loads of quotes in one place to compare?
  • Easily keep detailed records: Using will keep all your notes on your decision-making process in one place for safe and easy access at any time! Easily show you've got at least the three quotes needed to prove you've got best value for money for your school.
  • Avoid legal challenges: Our clever site takes the headache out of making sure that you've provided all the same info to all suppliers, that you've dealt with messaging in a fair way, and keeps track of all the evidence you include throughout the decision-making process in case ever called on.
  • Discover fantastic new suppliers: We're proud to give all suppliers a route to showing you what they've got to offer, whether well-known names or passionate start-ups. Some smaller-scale suppliers may not have the budget for big advertisements, but be looking to provide innovative solutions at competitive prices - you might have never heard of them without using!

Getting the best value for your school's budget has never been so easy!

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