Creating an account

It's so quick and easy!

For schools: click here, or go up to ‘Login’ at the top right of your screen, and follow the link to create a free account. We’ll ask you for your name, school, email address and job role (don’t worry, we keep these details anonymous), and you're in! 

For suppliers: if you're here because you're interested in registering as one of our education-focused suppliers, click here and fill out a couple of details so we can get in touch!

We use only basic, non-sensitive information when you create your account - and we never pass on any info to third companies. We use your school information when you create a procurement project so we can locate only relevant companies that can supply to your region! Don’t worry, the suppliers won’t see any of your details – only when you’ve chosen one to supply your requirements will they see your name and school. For more details please see our privacy policy.

Absolutely! You can edit all your details except your login email address and password, which we use to keep track of your account.

Unfortunately not – without an account we can't match you with our database of experienced, school-focused suppliers. But our procurement service is free and anonymous; you won’t get any bills or spam emails.

No, not a single one! Our procurement service is free at every point for schools to use, and we will never ask for any payment or any payment details; we just want to help you find the best products and services for your school’s budget.

No. We take data protection seriously and will only use your email address to provide you access to the site, which includes sending you service updates of any activity on your account. For full details please see our T&Cs and Privacy Policy.