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A quick, anonymous and FREE way for schools to source the best products and services. Use our three simple steps to get personalised quotes, compare suppliers and identify the best value for money for your records!

Whatever your school needs, get the best value for your budget.

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Select your products and services from our categories designed especially for schools, and we’ll find the suppliers that match your needs.

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Simply tell us what you need to achieve, and we’ll send it to our database of school-focused, accredited suppliers.

Create a procurement project in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Tell us what you need

Starting your procurement project couldn’t be easier. Select your products and services from our specially designed categories, and give us an idea of your school's budget if you like. This is completed without suppliers knowing who you or your school are – no pressure or pesky sales calls! 


Step 2: Tell us when you need it

Whether you have an urgent job or are planning for later, we notify suppliers of your deadlines for quotes and for delivery so you can get what you need, when you need it. And no wasting time trawling through tomes of proper procurement practice – our one simple process follows extensive government advice on school procurement policy!


Step 3: Add as much (or little!) extra info as you like

With options to include any files or specification documents you think might be useful, ask questions to be answered alongside your quotes, select criteria you'll later judge proposals against, and suggest any suppliers that you would particularly like to hear from, you’ll know you’re getting quotes tailor-made for your school and your budget. We’ll only connect you with accredited suppliers who have a proven track record of working with schools.

Launch your project!

It’s time to launch your procurement project to the marketplace! Just one click from you and education.co.uk will do the work, notifying the relevant suppliers of your requirements – so all you have to do is sit back and wait for the quotes to come in. There’s no easier way to compare a range of quotes for your school’s budget and specific needs!


Compare and evaluate your quotes

Our free school-focused service doesn't stop when you receive your quotes. Message suppliers with anonymity, shortlist proposals and evaluate your quotes online with our easy-to-use process. Education.co.uk has you covered; using our process lets you treat suppliers fairly and according to procurement guidelines... and you'll have the records to prove it, since we provide the facility for you to keep notes on your decisions all the way through. No more boxes full of binders - we'll store everything online for you to view, print or share whenever you need!

Get your fantastic new products and services!

You've compared your quotes, you've chosen your winning supplier - now it's time to reap the rewards! As your delivery arrives, you'll be confident you've got excellent value for money and followed proper procurement practice. With your records safely stored in one place online, and your budget looking healthier than ever, you can focus on enjoying your great new products and services - and starting your next education.co.uk project!

Challenge the market

Tell us about your challenge

Unsure of how to solve a particular problem in your school? Let education.co.uk help. Simply tell us what you need to achieve, and we’ll send it to our database of school-focused, accredited suppliers. This is completed in total privacy without suppliers knowing who you or your school are – no pressure or pesky sales calls!


Find a solution

Use our anonymous messaging functionality to work with suppliers to find the exact solution that will perfectly match with your school, budget and timeline.

Start your project

When you’re ready, use our simple three-step process to create a procurement project and send it to the suppliers who can meet your requirements.