General & account

Forgotten passwords, changing details and more.

Please feel free to email us anytime at

Don't worry! Just email us at with as many details as you can remember, particularly your name and the name of your school, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Don't panic! Click the 'Forgotten your password?' link from the login page and we'll send you a password reset email.

Click the My Account link here or in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Make whatever edits you need, then click 'Save changes' to confirm.

Your colleague should create their own account – it’s free after all, and there's no limit to the number of staff at the same school that can use our procurement service!

If you suspect someone is using your account without your permission, change your password immediately via the ‘Forgotten your password’ link and contact us at

Sorry to hear that! At we help link schools and suppliers, but we don't arrange payment or transactions - you'll have to get in touch with the supplier.

Changing a project's details after launch could be seen as being unfair to the suppliers who have quoted based on your original specification, so to help you with a compliant and fair process the system won't allow you to edit your own project details.

However if you have details to change or information to add, email us as soon as possible at or call us on 01795 702277. We should be able to get your project updated for you and let the suppliers know in a way that keeps the process fair.

We hope you’ll find the process straightforward and have no reason to need to delete a project; but if you do, you can use the 'Cancel' option on the right hand side of your My Activities dashboard.

We'll ask you for a reason and then notify the suppliers that the project is no longer needed.

Please be aware that cancellation is instant and a cancelled project can't be restored, so please be certain that's what you need to do beforehand! If you have any queries please first get in touch at and we'll see if there's a way to resolve the issue and continue with your project instead.