Phase 4: Award contract

This phase is to confirm arrangements going forward with your chosen supplier. We don't take payments or arrange delivery on our site - but we want you to be confident in what you have to do next. You'll have two mini tasks to complete your project with us:

  • Once you've clicked through from phase 3, you'll see a page with a message box (and a friendly image!) where we ask you to message the supplier to let them know how you'd like to proceed.

  • When you've sent this, you'll be directed to a page with your winning supplier's details and a short survey. When the purchase is complete and you've filled this out, the project will be marked as finished and you'll be able to view all your records in the Archive tab of your My Activities page.

That's it - you're done! Enjoy your great new products and services, and be confident that we've got all your notes saved online for your records if needed. Time for your school's next procurement project...

You should include any information to let them know how you'd like to proceed. This may include:

  • Contact details: Put down any contact details the supplier might need to arrange the purchase with you, such as your name, email address and/or telephone number to contact you on if necessary. Since our process is anonymous they will be made aware of your school at this point but won't have your contact details unless you provide them here!

  • Instructions: Let your chosen supplier know if they should contact you, for example to call or email to discuss details further.

  • Request for more details: If you're ready to buy, you might want to ask where you should send a purchase order to.

Remember: if you want the supplier to contact you or provide any information, you will need to give them some contact details to do so!

  • When you've chosen your winning supplier and the project has progressed to phase 4, we'll provide a message box for you to tell them what to expect next.

  • We'll prompt them to see this message and get in touch or provide details as you have requested. This marks the end of your procurement project with

  • You'll send your winning supplier a simple contract like a purchase order as necessary, and arrange delivery of your new products or services with them!

  • Now your procurement project is complete, all your notes will be available to view in the Archive tab on your My Activities page whenever you need to access them.

At no point do we take payment or any payment details - once we have introduced you to your chosen supplier, you will have to liaise with them to organise payment and delivery. Please see our T&Cs for full information, or email us at if you have any queries.

When your project is complete and you've filled in the survey, your project will move to the archive tab on your My Activities page.

You can access completed projects any time if you need to check any details of your order, or produce evidence for your finance department of the quotes you've received and the decision-making process leading to your final choice. All your quotes, notes and reasons for rejection are stored with your project details - whether the suppliers were successful, shortlisted, or rejected in phase 2.

You can sort these as usual by clicking the column headers in order to locate specific projects.

This is where the archive comes in! Once you've completed a procurement project and it's moved to the Archive, we arrange the details of your completed procurement project onto three useful pages:

  • Project details: For you to see the winning quote stacked against all competitors

  • Proposal information: A separate page for each quote showing all the details the supplier provided and any messaging between you

  • My notes: A separate page for each quote including all your notes, reasons for rejection and any award criteria you filled in.

Since you are expected to keep records proving your decision-making process, lets you keep all of these in one place for secure storage and easy access!

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