Phase 2: Shortlisting

This phase is for dismissing any quotes that obviously aren't suitable for your needs. Don't dismiss any reasonable quotes - you should take at least three through to the evaluation phase for more detailed comparison.

You'll see the following new elements:

  • Active icons: The icons in the table should now be interactive - you can click the different links to view all the information each supplier has provided.

  • Reject button: You'll see two new buttons beside each supplier's information: 'Reject' and 'Shortlist'. If an outlying quote is obviously unable to meet your requirements, click the red 'Reject' button and it will bring up a list of reasons to choose from - and a box to put as much information as you think is necessary to explain your decision. This will all be stored online for your records!

  • Shortlist button: For any quotes that may have the potential of meeting your requirements, even if not as competitive as others, click the blue 'Shortlist' button to mark it to progress. Any quotes marked like this (we recommend at least three) will be carried forward for closer comparison in Phase 3 - any rejected ones will not, but will be visible later in your records.

  • End phase button: Once all quotes are shortlisted or rejected, this will activate to allow you to finish this phase and start evaluating your shortlisted quotes!

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best products and services for your school’s budget. So if there are any suppliers that are way out in terms of price or quality, that can’t deliver in time or it’s just immediately obvious that they can’t meet your specification, you can reject the quotes at this point. This means you’re wasting no time and only bringing through competitive proposals to the Evaluation phase, where you can make notes on your decision-making process, use award criteria and compare the real contenders.

Since the DfE requires you to compare at least three quotes we do recommend bringing through at least three viable options for closer comparison in Phase 3 - Evaluation. You should only reject quotes at this point that are quite obviously unsuitable.

Before rejecting, remember to check the suppliers' individual proposal documents by clicking the blue icons in the table - this is where the main details will be!

At minimum we'd recommend at least three quotes for detailed comparison in phase 3 to fulfil basic procurement guidelines. But really any sensible quotes should make your shortlist - the only suppliers you should be rejecting at this phase are ones who have presented a proposal that does not fit your requirements or is obviously not competitive. This will help to avoid challenges to your decisions.

Before making any decisions, be sure to check each supplier's individual proposal documents by clicking the blue icons in the table - this is where the main details will be!

Our process has been carefully designed to make it as simple as possible for schools to easily source the best products and services, while adhering to advice on proper procurement practice. You need to show you’ve given thought to the decisions you’ve made so there are no challenges or allegations of unfairness – whether from the suppliers who have put together your quote, or from finance officers who want to see how you’ve decided on where your school’s budget is going. We save your reasons for rejection alongside all your other notes so you can produce evidence if ever called upon.

In phase 2, the reasons we provide are specific and should be obvious - this phase is for dismissing outlying quotes that are not suitable, whether because they cannot meet your requirements or are obviously much higher in terms of price for similar quality. When you compare your shortlisted suppliers later in phase 3, the reasons are more subtle and comparative - for example they don't meet your specification as well as other suppliers, or offer less appealing delivery costs.

Absolutely! Click the arrow next to the word ‘Rejected’ (or ‘Shortlisted’ if that’s what you want to undo) and the buttons to shortlist or reject will reappear.

When you've made a decision on each supplier and set each one to either 'Shortlisted' or 'Rejected', the green 'End phase' button will unlock. Clicking this will take you to the Evaluation phase, where you can compare the most competitive quotes!

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