Questions & answers

  • From the My Activities page, first click to view the relevant project.

  • You'll see the list of suppliers that currently have live quotes - click on the icon under 'Questions' for the supplier you want to message. You should then see the questions section with the appropriate tab for you to ask questions - it's called 'Asked by me'.

  • Type your question in the grey box. You can also upload documents or images alongside your query by using the navy 'Attach files' button on the left.

  • Click 'Submit' to send your question! is here to help make sure you're being fair and avoiding any challenges - so please bear in mind that this is a private question to a particular supplier, which should be for details of their specific quote, not sending out new details about your requirements that could give this supplier an unfair advantage.

If you want to change your project details, or add more information for all interested suppliers to see, please email us ASAP at or call us on

Proper procurement practice states you must treat all suppliers equally, or risk opening yourself up to challenges. We want to help you with this by making our procurement process smooth, simple, and fair. That's why, as per procurement guidelines, we make it so that:

  • any supplier's question (and your answer) is available to all suppliers, so nobody is afforded an unfair advantage if you make any extra details known in your answer

  • questions and answers are anonymised - suppliers can't see each other's names or details

  • if you're directly asking a particular supplier a question, it should be specifically about their proposal, and therefore we won't show it to their competitors.

Rather than have you worry about sending out multiple copies of the same messages to different suppliers, and which details you have to delete, our clever site takes care of all this for you! If you still have any queries, please feel free to get in touch with us at

A red envelope means there's a new, unread question or answer from a supplier. This is a link - clicking on it will take you to see where this message can be accessed. The red envelope will also show up beside the new question or answer until you've read it, so you can easily see what's new!

A grey envelope will remain to mark any questions that you haven't yet responded to - it will disappear as soon as you've successfully submitted an answer!

A red dot on the questions icon means that there's an unread message from that supplier.

A grey dot means there's a message that you've read but still requires an answer.

In either case, these icons are links that when clicked will take you directly to the message in question!